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Informational Legal Systems
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About us
Informational Legal Systems


Information Legal Agency «Register» is the first legal agency in the Republic of Belarus which started to spread legal information in print and electronic forms. Working in the field of information and publishing activities since 1990, our agency was able to establish itself as a reliable business partner. Today over 14.000 private and public business entities in different regions of Belarus are using services which are provided by «Register».

The mission of the «Register» is to operatively spread legal knowledge and analytic information. «Register» responds to the demands of the market, takes into account the needs and interests of clients, increases level of already made products and creates new ones. We do not stand on one point — the experience allows us to expand the scope of activities, to perform competition in the market.

Nowadays Information Legal Agency «Register» is:

- ЮСИАС (JUSIAS) – legal reference and data automated system with a database on legislation of Belarus and Russia, existing since 1990;

- 8 periodicals — «Legal World», «Tax Herald», «Finance director», «Personnel officer. Human Resource Management», «Currency Regulation and Foreign Trade», «Organizational consulting», «Review of Jurisprudence», «Secretarial and office work»;

- Business books. «Register» offers a large scope of specialized literature. Currently, our agency has issued about 80 books in the four thematic series: «Modern Accounting», «Modern lawyers», «Modern personnel officer» and «Library of Agency “Register». Constantly planning for publishing new books on current issues in accounting, pricing, human resources, law, etc;

- Art literature — publishing of books by Belarusian authors;

- business cooperation — «Register» will carefully consider proposals from authors of books and magazine articles.

Our intelligent products are reliable beacon in a sea of LAW. Periodicals of «Register» contribute to the early satisfaction of business entities needs in business information, provide effective assistance in making decisions by accountants, lawyers, human resources specialists, economists.

We are always open for cooperation!

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